Expertise in design, development, and production of highly complex connectors for automotive, commercial, and industrial industries.
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Automotive / Industrial - Solutions

Extensive engineering expertise in productand process development.

Pancon has over 50 years of experience in the areas of:

  • Insert molding and over-molding of connectors and ECU applications
  • Complex assembly of unique connector assemblies
  • Customer specific design solutions
  • Pressfit (compliant pin) contact solutions
  • THR/SMDconnector applications
  • IDC termination applications


One of Pancon’s many strengths is the design and development of customized interconnect solutions. Pancon offers a wide array of modified standard products to meet special requirements and complex customer specific designs.

IDC Applications

Insulation Displacement Connections

Is a straight forward and secure connection between the wire or cable to the terminal.

The cable is pressed into the insulation displacement contact of the connector, which cuts through the wire insulation to make the electrical connection.

Available in many AWG wire ranges

Single and double-row applications

Easy operation of assembly

Additional strain relief options

THR/SMD connections

Through Hole Reflow

Soldering for the components in PCB holes or

Smart Mount Devices for soldering on PCBpads.

The use of advanced materials makes these terminations possible for the application of hot air soldering. This is a fastand reliable connection method even for high pin count devises.

Pressfit / Compliant Zone solutions

Pressfit zone of 0.8mm and 0.6mm available

Pressfit connections for contacts terminated to through hole PCB’s

Suitable for various PCB’s and holediameters

Custom size Pressfit zones available onrequest

Connector assembly processes to meet customer demand including highly automated production

Pancon develops the manufacturing process to meet customer demand with a degree of automation in our production facilities to assure steady flow of product.

Insert molding and Over-molding of connectors and ECU applications

This technology enables Pancon to realize simple and complex assembly designs with high precision molded solutions including IDC and Pressfit termination within the assembly.

Fully automated processing for unique applications.

              Contact unit for the rear differential shaft for Ford C2 platform

              Automotive Motor Housing for start-stop oil pump

Molding and Over-molding of connectors and ECU applications (semi-automated)

In addition to fully automated production, Pancon also offers lower production support and capabilities of manual production.


              Charge Level Indications for electric vehicles

              Touch Panels

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